Eastwestern Hort offers a wide range of services that cover all aspects of the kiwifruit industry

Kiwifruit Orchard Contracting

Recruitment, selection and hiring labour for kiwifruit orchards. Eastwestern Hort offers training and supervision for each role as required. We have a range of job opportunities in various areas of work as seen below, to apply your interest in any role, please fill in the application form here.

Winter Kiwifruit Pruning

Although Kiwifruit has a reputation for being a summer fruit, pruning opportunities last from the beginning of summer into the winter months! We always have need for pruning throughout the year.



Where it all begins. Planting of new vines for the upcoming seasons. Planting services offered when required for the new season.


Pole Stringing

Each successful kiwifruit orchard needs solid foundations. This begins at stringing the hundreds of poles the vines grow on. Though it may seem small, stringing the poles is a vital step to the kiwifruit industry.


Bud and Fruit Thinning

When it comes to size, bud and fruit thinning is the way to achieve it! To be able to offer the biggest and highest quality kiwifruit, thinning is necessary to ensure a bountiful picking season. Bud and fruit thinning jobs available seasonally. 


Summer Kiwifruit Pruning

Summer in New Zealand is something special, and having the opportunity to work outdoors is just as great. Come join our team of summer pruners and enjoy the sun.


Kiwifruit Picking

Kiwifruit picking rewards hard workers with an outdoor working environment, opportunity to meet new and exciting people and the ability to see your enthusiasm and effort pay off. Not to mention getting fit while you work!

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Machinery Services

Eastwestern Hort has a team of heavy machine operators who are well trained and capable of carrying out the required tasks needed for the maintenance and operation of your orchard. Have questions? Send us a message and inquire into the potential we can offer.


Our tractor operators are equipped to handle industry level machinery suited to your orchard.



Certified forklift operators capable of handling any heavy lifting or moving requirements your orchard may have.

Orchard Management Services

Eastwestern Hort offers experienced management option for your orchard. From planting to harvest and everything in between, our management services offer a smooth operation and successful season for your orchard.

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